Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pittsford University: Polishing the Contemporary Working Individual

The economy over the world has changed. This is due to a number of factors including free trade, globalization, increased international communications and technology. Work processes, industries and job markets have changed and have become more competitive.

In order to survive in the current scenario, prospective employees need to equip themselves with the tools that will help them combat the competition. Textbook knowledge is not enough; practical application is also necessary. To achieve this, schools and universities need to start inculcating leadership, strategic thinking, critical analysis and survival skills as part of personality development. This will help students become familiar with the ground realities of life and give them the confidence to face challenges.  

Apart from traditional educational institutes, online universities have also taken the initiative to polish up the skill of their students. Noteworthy among these is Pittsford University, an online University that prides itself on having an industry-responsive curriculum and star faculty that consists of career professionals who deliver factual industry knowledge to students. From Computer Sciences to the Performing Arts, each and every course of study at the University aims to teach the students the inner workings of the industry and ways to survive in it. Indeed, it is techniques like these that will produce quality human resource for modern day organizations and help them to succeed even more.