Friday, August 16, 2013

Student Review at Pittsford University

Pittsford University is the most amazing thing that could happen to me in my entire lifetime. It is only because of Pittsford University that today I am leading a flourishing and happy life as a housewife cum business woman successfully. Hello, I am Debra Hill and I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and three children. Some years earlier, our financial condition was not good at all. My husband was the only main wage earner of the family and at that time his parents were also with us, so he had to work too many extra hours to meet both ends meet. As a result he was getting rigid and rude with us all and not only I but his parents and our children also felt the change in his behavior. I along with his parents are really worried over his condition. Then we finally decided to start contributing in whatever way that we can so that his burden can be alleviated a little. When I started applying for jobs, even on odd jobs they said that I am required to show them a degree, and only by showing a degree I will be eligible for a job in their company. Everywhere I went I got the same answer, I was so depressed on my failure. My depression is making the environment of my home miserable. One day one of my friends visited me and after she learnt about the difficulties we were going through, she advised me to take admission at any online university.
She also advised me that in an online university I should look for their valid accreditation status and should ensure that the degree received guarantees career progression. She also recommended me Pittsford University which is an accredited online university that provides a range of degree programs in a variety of degree majors to choose from so that I could study what interests me the most. Their fee structure is also very affordable keeping in view that most of their students are working adults or people who are looking for career progression. All I need to do is to have a computer system and an internet connection and I could start my degree education right away. I was very amazed to know this. So, without wasting any more time I quickly got in touch with one of Pittsford University representatives who are there for student assistance round the clock. I gathered some basic information from him and enrolled in to a business management degree program at Pittsford University. Pittsford University not only provided me with utmost ease and convenience in learning but also offered me to complete my bachelor’s degree in lesser time as compared to any other traditional university. In just one year I was able to complete my bachelor’s degree in business management and soon after graduation I got a job offer from three reputable companies in my state. I did the cost and benefit analysis and joined one company and thankfully it helped me support my husband in earning a lot. I am so thankful to Pittsford University for returning the happiness of our family!