Thursday, October 31, 2013

What Technology Doesn’t Teach You

As learning becomes more and more automated, especially as a result of online education, students are becoming more and more independent on technology. Books have been replaced by e-books and iPads, pens with keyboards. One thing, however, that can never be replaced is the teacher. It is the teacher who is responsible for making sense of new subject information, who instructs the students on the correct application of textbook concepts and puts them in a realistic light. 

At Pittsford University, the main feature of the online classroom is the teacher who possesses experience and a complete command over the subject so as to deliver the most high quality instruction to the students. Each of the teachers in all the faculties of Pittsford University has been carefully selected after they have fulfilled the criteria for selection as well as comprehensive assessments. In addition to experience and expertise, each faculty member possesses considerable skills in online teaching which is very different from traditional teaching. This is integral to the entire online education experience and Pittsford University makes sure that the students face no problem in this regard.

There comes a time when even the most intelligent student requires some form of counseling that will provide a real life illustration of textbook concepts. Such guidelines can only be provided by one who has a good grasp of the industry and has spent considerable time in that environment. Technology, the internet, study tools, apps and books can provide information but only a teacher can effectively convert that information into knowledge.

Pittsford University is known in online education sectors for its high quality faculty that is highly qualified and experienced and strives to bring elements of real life industry circumstances into the classroom. They are also responsible for the instillation and development of proper skills in the students that will help them to remain competitive and survive in the industry. Skill development is a major factor in the entire education process and needs to be attended to by professionals who know its importance and impacts.       

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