Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Top 3 Internet Search Tips

As the Internet is now the number one search tool instead of encyclopedias and other books, students need to be well-versed and aware of important search skills that can help them acquire the information they need. The Internet possesses an accumulation of information on an immeasurable number of topics from extensive sources. In such cases, finding something specific can be a little difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, students need to know the ways through which they can get the information they require and screen out the rest.
Here are the top 3 skills that will prove to be helpful while searching for something in particular:

·       Use “quotation marks”: This tool is especially useful when searching for specific events, names, sayings, etc.
·      The Minus sign: As the name suggests, using this sign will screen out irrelevant information and save you from having to sift through reams of text looking for what you require.
·       Site search: Use this technique if you want information from a particular source only, for example a particular website like Wikipedia. Enter the search words and the name of the site after it.

At Pittsford University, new tools of learning are always being tested and introduced in order to give students the best online learning experience ever. Tips, such as the ones listed above, are explained in detail in the online classroom with examples so that students do not face any problems in using any of the tools or tips being illustrated. Pittsford University believes in its ability of innovation and excellence in learning for which it is internationally renowned and respected.  The University keeps on exploring its strengths for the betterment of its students so that they may prove to be qualified and competent human resources who will go on to significantly add to the productivity of the organizations in which they will be employed.        

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